The ARL Congress 2021 – Digitalisation and Spatial Development
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  • Spatial planning
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  • The far-reaching effects of digitialisation on spaces...
  • ... and their social...
  • ... and economic functions and uses.

One of the most important events held by the ARL is the annual ARL Congress.

Specialists from academia and practice spend two days discussing current issues relevant to spatial science. The annual congress is well attended not only by members of the ARL network but also by a broad group of spatial scientists and practitioners.

The next congress will take place in summer 2022 in Bielefeld, Germany and will focus on digitalisation and spatial development.

The ongoing discussion about digitalisation and its impacts continues to be of great social and political importance. New forms of mobility and the transport revolution, new ways of working and communicating, changes in the production of goods, logistics and current marketing strategies as well as the energy revolution are based on digital products and information technologies. Digitalisation has had far-reaching but not entirely foreseeable impacts on spaces and their social and economic functions and uses.

The ARL Congress 2022 will address these issues in several sessions in terms of sustainable, socially inclusive and spatially balanced development and the framework conditions necessary for this.

The conference will be held mainly in German, but contributions in English are very welcome!

More information about the congress as well as on the registration process will be available soon.