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The Baden-Württemberg working group is one of seven regional working groups of the ARL.

The working group deals with issues and strategies that are central to the spatial development of the federal state and its diverse regions.

Representatives from science and planning practice discuss current challenges of spatial planning and development through position papers, reports or presentations at events. Their work includes scientific advice and support for important (spatial) decision-making processes at the political and practical planning level.

The working group also serves as a forum for the exchange of information between its members and for discussions concerning the development of all regions in Baden-Württemberg. Participants from (planning) authorities and planning offices, from universities and non-university research institutions, from municipalities and all regions of the state as well as from the business community and associations are represented.

Twice a year, public meetings are held with current thematic focuses, and the members have internal meetings to plan the working group’s future topics and work.

Title photo by Maurits Bausenhart on Unsplash.


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