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Resilient Metropolitan Regions – Spatial Planning and Management for Urban Transformation


The central objective of the IAG "Resilient Metropolitan Regions - Planning and Management for the Transformation of Urban Spaces" is to work on questions of increasing resilience in spatial development using the example of selected metropolitan regions in German-speaking countries as well as Southwestern Europe. This is intended to contribute to an expansion of both spatial and planning theory as well as practical planning knowledge and discourse. The following research questions are crucial:

  • Which fields of action and challenges for spatial planning result from the current multiple crisis?
  • How can the resilience of metropolitan regions be increased?
  • How can urban transformations address normative goals like justice and equality and thus contribute to a just and resilient transformation?
  • Which spatial planning instruments are suitable for promoting the transformation to resilient metropolitan regions, and which adjustments are necessary?
  • What institutional framework conditions are required to strengthen the resilience of metropolitan regions and to ensure their sustainable development?
  • Which strategic, planning, and organisational approaches in metropolitan regions can be established as "good examples" for other regions and should thus be further developed?

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