The glossary

Planning terms are often rooted in the administrative and planning culture of a particular country and cannot be straightforwardly translated.

The English-language glossary presented here is intended to offer a translation and elucidation of central terms in the German planning system to a non-German speaking readership in the interests of facilitating discourse.

Our intention is to ensure as much consistency as possible in the key terms used throughout this platform and the publications of the ARL that can be found here.

The definitions used are based on those found in the national glossary for Germany, which was elaborated in the framework of the BSR INTERREG III B project COMMIN.

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DaseinsvorsorgeProvision of essential public services

The term "provision of essential public services" refers to governmental provision of essential social, cultural, and economic goods and services for the population. This includes public infrastructural facilities for the general public – traffic and transport facilities, gas, water and electricity supply, refuse collection, sewage disposal, educational and cultural institutions, hospitals, cemeteries, etc. Public service provision in this sense is among the most important functions local authorities perform on their own responsibility.