10 Must Knows” about biodiversity: from knowledge to action

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published on 28/03/2024

The Leibniz Biodiversity Research Network, of which the ARL is a member, recently presented "10 Must-Knows from Biodiversity Research" for 2024 as a guide for the conservation of biodiversity.

From as yet undiscovered biodiversity to resilient forests and the impact of food consumption on nature: 64 experts have now pooled their knowledge and recommendations and published them in the form of "10 Must-Knows from Biodiversity Research" for 2024. The new report from the Leibniz Biodiversity Research Network shows policymakers and society concrete ways in which biodiversity can be effectively conserved and sustainably used at local, national and European level, and how this can also protect the climate. With the publication, the researchers summarize current scientific facts and thus contribute to the debate on the national biodiversity strategy, which is to be adopted before the next World Conference on Nature in autumn 2024.

"We are already exceeding planetary boundaries, both in terms of global warming and biodiversity loss. Joint responses are needed to counter these crises. We know that protecting biodiversity can make a significant contribution to mitigating climate change, for example through species-rich forests and rewetted peatlands that store carbon. Only by focusing more on measures to protect biodiversity can we succeed in tackling both crises at the same time," says Kirsten Thonicke, lead author and deputy head of department at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, who coordinates the research network.


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