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An analytical framework for comparing land policies in Europe

ARL International ARL International
published on 17/10/2022

An analytical framework for comparing land policies in Europe

The ARL International Working Group on Land Policies in Europe prepares two significant milestones. Most recently, the IAK met in Dortmund. In August 2022, the group of experts (from 11 European countries) gathered to prepare the IAK’s next outcomes. In particular, the working group is currently preparing the two most important outputs: First, a compilation of recent land policy innovations across planning laws in different European countries is being prepared in form of a special issue with the journal “Raumforschung und Raumordnung | Spatial Research and Planning” (RuR). 

Furthermore, a second milestone is being prepared. The group intends to develop a book project that presents land policies in Europe in a comprehensible way. The book should cover the current developments and thus enable experts to get valuable insights. The group aims to prepare the book so that it can be read and understood by policy-makers and planning students across the continent. 


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