Calling all PhD candidates! Video Challenge “Why it matters” 2024

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published on 17/06/2024

You are invited to participate in the 2024 Video Challenge by creating a 2-minute video that tells the world about the significance of your research. The Video Challenge celebrates a diversity of built environment research. It’s free to enter and there are cash prizes, recognition and kudos. 

This ‘video challenge’ celebrates a diversity of built environment research from PhD students in many countries and built environment disciplines. Collectively, these videos will illustrate the importance and interest of emerging built environment research to civil society, politics and industry. 


This is an opportunity to explain the significance of your research in relation to major societal issues, articulate a ‘big picture’ view of its potential contribution and impacts. 

Your video should explain the significance of your research to a wide, general audience and address ‘why this matters’. It should pertain to research about the built environment and its impacts in the broadest sense: the social and physical resources, creation, use, operation, maintenance & stewardship of the built environment (buildings, neighbourhoods, cities, peri-urban & rural areas, infrastructure, land use) including social, environmental, economic & physical aspects.   

The topic may be transdisciplinary in nature or be based in a specific discipline: sociology, geography, construction, engineering, facilities management, architecture, planning, real estate, urban studies, environmental design, finance, project management, business, etc. 

Criteria and Format 

Any student currently in a PhD program related to the ‘built environment’ and up to one year after their PhD degree award can enter the challenge. The topic must be based on applicants’ PhD research. 

We encourage creativity and the use of different formats that help to clearly convey your message: live action, animation, still images, visual effects. 

The video must be 120 seconds or less (in total) and can be in any language but those in languages other than English must have English subtitles. 

Application and Prices 

Completed applications and videos must be submitted before Tuesday 15 October 2024 noon (UK time). The winners will receive 800 € for the first prize, 600 € for second prizes, and 400 € for the people’s vote prize. 

Visit the Buildings & Cities website to view our guides and learning resources and learn more about our assessment criteria and video rules. You can also use the link to submit your competition entry: 

2024 PhD Video Challenge: Why It Matters - Video Challenge (