COST-Action “Land4Flood” – Final sprint in the last funding period

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published on 14/10/2021

Final sprint in the last funding period

The international project “Natural Flood Retention on Private Land“ will end in spring 2022. During 5 years of intensive networking and collaboration, members from numerous european countries have addressed the objectives, trade-offs and prospects of flood risk management concepts within this COST-Action. Discussions centered on potential synergies of land use and flood management, knowledge of nature based solutions and natural water retention measures.

The key-question, how land owners could be encouraged to adapt land uses and land management strategies which allow for increased water retention capacity, has been discussed within three working groups, in trainings schools and (virtual) courses.

In 2021, again policy briefs, academic papers and workshop reports were published (see http://www.land4flood.eu/category/publications/academia/ ), and in the last years several short term scientific missions (STSM) were finished. E.g. Jesus Rodrigo-Comino (Trier University) spent some weeks working with colleagues in Spain, aiming comprehensive understanding of the role of land use on flood risk and the potential for enhancing retention capacity for different spatial scales. Carla Ferreira from Portugal visited Zahra Kalantari in Sweden to investigate how projected runoff affected by the climate change will affect flood hazard in the Mediterranean region.

If you are interested in the variety of STSM to different topics concerning flooding and private land, have a look at the website: https://www.land4flood.eu/stsms/.

A final conference of the COST-Action will take place in January 2022 in Cologne. Just curious to see what's next? Visit us on www.land4flood.eu, here are further plans of the COST-Action, which is funded by COST –European Cooperation in Science and Technology stated.

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