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published on 16/02/2024

On January 23, 2024, an exchange on the topic of "Sustainable Energy Production" took place at the ARL Headquarters with delegates from El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Honduras. This exchange was organised by the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) under the leadership of Sulamith Kastl.

There is currently no link between spatial planning processes and the energy sector in the Central American countries. The BGR project is the first of its kind to link spatial planning with the energy sector and is therefore pioneering work. 

The aim of the delegation was to gain insights for the further implementation of this project through the professional exchange with the ARL. After a brief introduction of all participants, the Secretary General of the ARL, Rainer Danielzyk, President Axel Priebs and the Head of the Department for International Affairs, Britta Bockhorn, briefly introduced the ARL and its inter- and transdisciplinary working methods. Axel Priebs then gave a presentation on the development and current status of wind energy expansion in Germany, which was met with great interest by the delegates.

Another form of energy generation, geothermal energy, which is mainly considered at a local level in Germany, was then presented by Sidey Cortés Osorno. She provided insights into a project of the Instituto de Desarrollo Rural (INDER), a state institution responsible for the development of rural communities in Costa Rica. The aim of the project is to further develop geothermal energy in the north-western regions of Abangares, Cañas, Bagaces and Tilarán and make it usable for the local communities. In contrast to wind energy, this type of energy generation has the advantage that energy can be generated constantly. Ms. Cortés Osorno also provided very interesting insights into Costa Rica's planning system and energy generation through geothermal energy.

The discussions that had begun were deepened over a joint lunch at the ARL Headquarter before the delegation left for their next appointment in Berlin.

Both sides found the exchange, the interesting discussions and the new impressions profitable and would like to thank all those actively involved for the productive opportunity to learn from each other!

Mona Hartkens
Student assistant at the ARL

Dr. Britta Bockhorn
Phone: +49 511 34842 25 

The participants of the exchange at the ARL Headquarters; © ARL/Vanessa Mena
The participants of the exchange at the ARL Headquarters; © ARL/Vanessa Mena