userGender and Spatial Transformation

Exploring key concepts II: Online Workshop on concepts of space

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published on 12/12/2023

On November 24th, 2023, the international Information and Initiative Group “Gender and Spatial Transformation” conducted their second online workshop to explore key concepts in the field of gender and spatial transformation. The main goal was to develop a common understanding of the concept of “space” in terms of gender and spatial development and transformation. Furthermore, the IIG discussed upcoming plans and possible products for 2024.

The working group “Space” (Anke Schröder, Barbara Zibell, Doris Damyanovic, Eva Kail, Tim van Puyenbroeck) presented their results highlighting that “space” needs to be understood as relational concept that is closely intertwined with gender as a societal category. One focus of the working group was on knowledge transfer emphasizing the question of how gender aspects can be integrated into spatial planning and development processes. The IIG then had an in-depth debate on various aspects of spatial concepts and spatial transformations: How can social and material dimensions be integrated in concepts of space? How can multiscale perspectives be conceptualized in the analysis of spatial transformation? Furthermore, the members discussed the role and self-understanding of the IIG, e.g. regarding the manifold relationships between science and planning practice.

For 2024, the IIG aims on developing a code of conduct to set out the role and self-understanding of and modalities of collaboration within the IIG, and a mission statement to document the first phase of the IIG's substantive work by developing and formulating a common understanding of the key concepts of gender, intersectionality, transformation and space. The IIG is also planning a joint event with the international Working Group Gender- and Climate-just Cities and Regions in 2024.

The next meeting of the IIG Gender and Spatial Transformation will take place in Hanover in March or April 2024.