Invitation to the international convention Future Formats for the Region: Local - regional - global

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published on 03/11/2021

Invitation to the international convention Future Formats for the Region: Local - regional - global

The City of Essen invites you to join the international convention

Future Fomats for the Region: Local - regional - global 


Cities and regions are faced with enormous challenges. Our future ways of living, working, moving and supplying
ourselves will largely be dictated by the requirements arising from climate change. Many places in Europe and
around the globe have already implemented exemplary measures and initiatives. In order to learn from each
other, entering a dialogue across borders with local, regional and international participants is imperative.

The Ruhr Metropolis in the Green Decade

The Ruhr Metropolis and the City of Essen have been pushing the transformation and are right in the middle of
the “Green Decade”, which is represented by the format European Green Capital – Essen 2017 as well as the
International Garden Expo IGA in 2027. It is, however, essential that all developments and formats be regularly
subjected to critical reflection - both with the help of citizen participation and by reviews of experts from all over
the world. International networks, conferences and events give a large variety of participants from the realms of
civil society, politics, business and science vital opportunities to link up and jointly develop solutions that will
help overcome the challenges that plague us all today.

Join the discussion!

The hybrid convention “Future Formats for the Region: local – regional – global“ gives you the chance to participate
in this process. Catch up on the latest developments in the area of forward-looking urban development and
engage in discussion with international experts – in person on the Zollverein Industrial Complex in Essen or by
interacting online.

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