Launch of a cross-border working group on "Green Infrastructure in the Northern Limestone Alps”

ARL International ARL International
published on 03/11/2023

Addressing the German-speaking Alpine region and its green infrastructure across borders - this is now the task of a new format within the ARL Bavarian Regional Working Group, which is made up of 11 representatives from Bavaria, Austria (Salzburg/Tyrol/Vorarlberg), Switzerland and Liechtenstein, bringing together diverse perspectives from science and practice.

The working group entitled "Green Infrastructure in the Northern Limestone Alps: Integrative (Open) Space Planning for Natural Climate Protection, Ecological Connectivity, Natural Hazard Prevention and Renewable Energies" has now started its work with a kick-off meeting on 24.10.2023 at the Government of Upper Bavaria in Munich.

Until 2025, it will work on application-oriented recommendations for the protection and development of (peri-)alpine green and open spaces in order to strengthen their multifunctionality and resilience.

The working group is chaired by Dr. Sabine Weizenegger and Florian Lintzmeyer and is in close contact with existing ARL working formats (such as the "AlpPlan network" or the working group "Securing and developing open spaces in spatial planning") as well as the current Interreg Alpine Space project "PlanToConnect".