userGender and Spatial Transformation

October and November 2023: Online-Workshops on the main concepts in the field of gender and spatial transformation

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published on 05/07/2023

In autumn 2023, the international IIK “Gender and Spatial Transformation” is planning to conduct two online workshops to discuss the main terms and concepts in the field of gender and spatial transformation. The main goal is to develop a common ground and understanding of the members for the further work of the IIK.

To approach the specific terms and concepts, the members divided into three different working groups:

  1. Working Group “Intersectionality“ (regarding gender, space, and transformation)
  2. Working Group “Transformation und Social-Ecological Research” (regarding gender and space)
  3. Working Group “Space“ (regarding gender relations)

Each group is independently working on the preparation, presentation, and discussion of their topic with the other members of the IIK and within the online workshops.

The online workshops are planned on the following dates:

  • October 5th, 2023: Online Workshop on “Intersectionality” and “Transformation”
  • November 24th, 2023: Online Workshop on “Space” and discussion of further proceedings