Research Report in German: Städte und Metropolen in Frankreich und Deutschland

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published on 18/08/2023

With the new ARL Research Report 22 the book “Cities and Metropolises in France and Germany” edited by Evelyn GustedtUlrike Grabski-KieronChristophe Demazière and Didier Paris is now available in German language.

France as well as Germany experience great pressure to change and adapt towards new forms of urbanity and to conceive new strategic approaches with limited public finance and a need for economic efficiency. These issues equally affect not all types of urban areas. The report aims to do justice to this situation, considering in both cases the context of the national urban systems. As it proved impossible to address all the topics relevant to the spatial development of urban and rural areas, the authors decided to concentrate on a number of important topical themes which are undoubtedly relevant in both countries, albeit in different ways, and which could be significant for a change towards new forms of urbanity. The report aims to address this situation, considering the context of the national urban systems.

Gustedt, E.; Grabski-Kieron, U.; Demazière, C.; Paris, D. (Hrsg.) (2023): Städte und Metropolen in Frankreich und Deutschland. Hanover = Forschungsberichte der ARL 22.


The research report is now available (Open Acess) in the ARL Online-Shop; here.

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