A Smart Future!

ARL International ARL International
published on 12/09/2022

Debates about digitalisation and its effects have been and continue to be of great social and political significance.

Whereas some view it as an irreversible megatrend, others see it as both the foundation of future value creation with concomitant structural change and the solution to a wide range of problems. The digital transformation impacts spatial development, and digitalisation is also affecting planning and administrative activities. Numerous opportunities will arise in the course of this sweeping social and technological transformation to a (digital) service- and knowledge-based society, but there will be challenges and risks as well.

At the ARL Congress 2022 in Bielefeld, Germany, these challenges and opportunities were explored and the voices of participants from planning practice and science were captured in this video.

The statements shown here do not serve the purpose of presenting the congress topic in all its aspects. Rather, the video reflects the opinions of individual participants which certainly leave room for further discourse.

What is your opinion on the topic of digitalisation?