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published on 22/10/2019

With two final conferences, the ARL transferred the knowledge gained during the work process and disseminated the results to more than 200 participants. 

Major outcomes of the project are 

Networks and measures:

Over the four-year project period, networks were developed or strengthened in each of the participating regions. They should facilitate the organization of services of general interest in the future. Thanks to the support of the innovation group and in cooperation with local working groups, measures could be developed to the point where they are ready for implementation. In this field, the innovation group created various handouts and a toolbox for dialog processes. 

Digital atlas of public services (Digitaler Daseinsvorsorgeatlas): 

In cooperation with the state of Lower Saxony, the group developed a web-based software for specialized planners in public authorities who want to get a picture of the distribution and accessibility of public services such as medical practices, daycare centers or schools.  

Together with the Ministry of Federal and European Affairs and Regional Development as well as the State Office for Geoinformation and Land Surveying of Lower Saxony (LGLN), a pilot phase for the introduction of this tool started at the end of the project. Since 2019, the State of Lower Saxony has been further developing the atlas of public services in cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden. They are striving for a broader application through planning authorities enabling them to detect locations for infrastructures (such as schools) that are easily accessible for as many people as possible in an area.  

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