userUrban Planning for Health Equity

What is needed to enable urban planning to promote health equity?

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published on 05/07/2023

To specify the contribution of the working group "Urban Planning for Health Equity" to this key question, a policy workshop was held online on June 26th 2023.

Nathalie Roebbel from the Urban Health Team of the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Peter Vervoort from the Department of Environment and Spatial Development of the Flanders Region, and Anette Christ from the Coordination of the German Healthy Cities Network in Frankfurt/Main were invited as guest experts to outline public health problems, challenges, and opportunities for urban planning as a strategy towards health equity.

While representing international, regional and local perspectives, all three experts stressed the necessity of analysing political settings, scales and mechanisms that precondition planning, participation and inter-sectoral collaborations processes.

The discussion revealed effective visualisation of both process- and outcome-related indicators as important vehicle to inspire urban planning to work for alternative futures and transform its practice into an integrative solution for more health equity.

More information on this international working group here: Urban Planning for Health Equity