Maja-Lee Voigt
Research Associate, PhD student


Maja-Lee Voigt (she/her) is an urban researcher, Ph.D. student at the Leuphana University Lüneburg, and co-founder of the interdisciplinary city research collective Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam in Hamburg, Germany. Assisted by a methodological toolbox of ethnographic and critical feminist thinking, her work focuses on all things Amazon, the automation of logistical cities, tackling questions about (resisting) algorithmic architectures of oppression, and hacking patriarchy towards more just urban futures.

Voigt, Maja-Lee (2023) We build this city on rocks and (feminist) code: hacking corporate computational designs of cities to come, Digital Creativity, DOI: 10.1080/14626268.2023.2205406.

Voigt, Maja-Lee with Bialski, Paula / Bischof, Andreas / Ojala, Mace (2022): Episode 1 (2022) Maja-Lee Voigt - CTRL + F_eminist futures_. Hacking algorithmic architectures of cities to come - Hacker Cultures: The Conference Podcast. Madrid.

Voigt, Maja-Lee with Vadiati, Niloufar (2022): Episode 2_Cyber-Feminist Urbanism, a conversation with Maja-Lee Voigt. Digital Urbanism, from the Grassroots Podcast. Hamburg.

Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam (2022): Processed Food on the Urban Data Highway. Food Delivery Services as In_Visible Infrastructures in the Production of Urbanity. In: Strüver, Anke, Bauriedl, Sybille (eds.), Platformization of Urban Life. Towards a Technocapitalist Transformation of European Cities. Bielefeld: transcript-Verlag, 205–216.

Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam (2021): Der Digitalität ausgeliefert!? – Essenslieferdienste zwischen verkörperten Codes, Un_Sichtbarkeit und städtischer (Re-)Produktion. In: kuckuck. notizen zur alltagskultur, Nr. 1/21. S. 28-32.

Member of IllK Gender and Spatial Transformation
  • Social & cultural geography
  • Architecture, urban design
  • Gender studies
  • Social sciences, cultural sciences, demography

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