Inés Novella Abril
Lecturer and researcher


Inés Novella Abril, Master in Architecture, Master in Equal Opportunities. Researcher and coordinator at the UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality Policies in Science, Technology and Innovation from UPM. Associate lecturer of Urban Planning at ETSA-UPV. Her research focuses on gender-responsive spatial planning and design, and on structural change and gender policies in STEM institutions. Inés has participated in different European projects on gender equality and RRI in S&T institutions. She has been visitor researcher and guest lecturer at different Spanish, European and American universities. Consultant for the Spanish Government and several regional Administrations on gender in housing and spatial planning policies and legislation, her participatory action research with women on safety in public space was selected for the Spanish Pavilion in the 2018 Venice Biennale. She was chosen member of the ARL International Working Group “Gender- and Climate-just Cities and Urban Region”.

Inés has been in charge of a number of training courses on gender in STEM fields targeting professionals, researchers and managers from both public and private institutions. Her most recent works are the consultancy for the Spanish government on gender and housing, and for ADIF (Administrator of Railway Infrastructures in Spain) on how introducing gender criteria in the planification of railway infrastructures and stations. She is the author and co-author of different toolkits, articles and book chapters on gender in spatial planning. Inés is the Western Europe Area Editor of the Bloomsbury Global Encyclopedia of Women in Architecture, to be published in 2021. Her participatory action research with women on safety in public space has been recently selected for the Spanish Pavilion in the 2018 Edition of the Venice Biennale of Architecture. She is at the moment a consultant for different regional administration on gender in territorial and urban planning, housing and mobility.

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Member of the ARL International Working Group "Gender- and Climate-just Cities and Urban Regions"

Collaborator of the former ARL International Working Group "Gender in Spatial Development – Perspectives, Similarities and Differences"
  • Architecture, urban design
  • Mobility, transport
  • Spatial & state & regional planning
  • Urban planning & development

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