PhD Candidate in Geography and Spatial Planning
Quentin DROUET
Spatial Planner


I am committed to environmentally-friendly values, local development, and citizen participation. I have significant skills to develop spatial planning strategies, to advise land-use management, and to provide local assessments to support the decision-making process of public authorities.

I have conducted projects and land planning in the field of agricultural, environmental, eco-mobility, sustainable tourism, energy efficiency, housing, and economic issues. I have experiences in urban and mountain areas. I coordinated collaborative projects with municipalities, inhabitants, various public and private stakeholders.

I am currently writing a PhD on second homes and the resilience of year-round living in alpine tourist municipalities. This project aims to develop scientific insights with a professional scope and thus contribute to public intiatives for tourist destination in transition. This project aims to better understand the balance between main and secondary housing, furnished tourist accommodation, the limits of the exclusively seasonal economy, the inter-complementarities between valleys and ski resorts, but also to take an interest in the footprint of multi-local dwelling and understand new potential socio-economic resources for these areas.

I actively participated in the 2023 summer school in Avignon (Fr) and contributed to the expert platform on green infrastructure, ecological connectivity and spatial planning by presenting "Multi-level coordination of safeguarding ecological corridors - an example from spatial planning in the French Alps".
  • Tourism studies
  • Landscape, open space & environmental planning
  • Social & cultural geography
  • Regional development & management
  • Spatial & state & regional planning
  • Urban planning & development
  • Social sciences, cultural sciences, demography

Projects involved


AlpPlan Network

Landscape, open space & environmental planning
Regional development & management
Spatial & state & regional planning