Ben Davy
Visiting Professor


Davy, B. (editor, together with Sony Pellissery and Harvey Jacobs) (2017) Land policies in India. Promises, practices and challenges. Springer Nature: Singapore.
Davy, B. (2012/2016) Land policy. Planning and the spatial consequences of property. Farnham, Surrey & Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate Publishing. Paperback 2016, Oxford: Routledge.
Davy, B. (2004) Die Neunte Stadt. Wilde Grenzen und Städteregion Ruhr 2030. Wuppertal: Müller + Busmann.
Davy, B. (1997) Essential injustice. When legal institutions cannot resolve environmental and land use disputes. Wien – New York: Springer.
Davy, B. (1990) Gefahrenabwehr im Anlagenrecht. Wien – New York: Springer (Habilitationsschrift).

member of IWG "Beyond the process"
advisory board member of IWG "Land policy in Europe"
author of "land market/land policy" in Handwörterbuch

Projects involved