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The Saxony/Saxony-Anhalt/Thuringia regional working group is one of seven regional working groups of the Academy for Territorial Development (ARL).

This is one of the larger regional working groups in terms of the territory covered. It spans three central German states and comprises a total of 13 planning regions (four in Saxony, five in Saxony-Anhalt and four in Thuringia).

Regional planning is the responsibility of the regional planning associations in Saxony and the regional planning municipalities in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The fields of responsibility of regional planning are very diverse because the structures of the individual regions are very different, ranging from metropolitan areas (Halle/Leipzig, Dresden) to more rural regions (Altmark, Upper Elbe Valley/Eastern Ore Mountains, Upper Lusatia-Lower Silesia, Southwest Thuringia).

The members of the working group analyse these differences and similarities between the regions from the various perspectives represented in the working group as a basis for political action and planning decisions.

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