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Our mission

Our mission is to bring together knowledge and ideas from the international planning community through our interactive knowledge and communication platform, to shape the future of spatial development and to ensure the sustainable development of spatial structures within Europe and beyond.

Who we are

The international knowledge and communication platform

We believe that many of today's challenges have spatial impacts and require international and cooperative approaches. For this purpose, this interactive knowledge and communication platform provides access to the Academy’s work internationally and serves as an information, knowledge and exchange platform for spatial planning professionals.

Through a holistic approach, we integrate environmental, social and economic objectives and have an advisory influence on territorial development and spatial planning.

OUR VISION is to become a European think tank for sustainable spatial development.

For shaping a better future.

Latest News

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Expert Circle

One of the ARL’s unique features is its large network of highly qualified experts. We are now making this network even more international and even more visible by launching our Expert Circle. Want to know who the experts are on certain topics? Who is doing research where and on what issues? Which planning professionals have valuable experience in which areas?

The platform enables professionals in our network to be filtered by topic, profession, country and regional expertise.  Find interesting people you would like to work and exchange ideas with.

It’s very easy, try it out!