Country profiles

Different countries have different planning systems, but there has hitherto been no general overview that facilitates comparison and dialogue in the sense of academic and planning discourse.

The country profiles presented here provide a clearly arranged overview with information on the geography and socio-economic and political situation of each country as well as on the administrative structure and government system, as these aspects determine the planning system and the scope planners have to shape town and country planning within their remit.

This collection of country profiles is underpinned by the handbooks of planning terms for various countries as well as the INTERREG projects COMMIN (2004–2008, currently online at, BalticClimate (2009–2011) and the ESPON project COMPASS (2016–2018).

Further profiles are already in preparation and will be available soon.

The ARL would be delighted to receive profiles from countries currently not represented in the collection! If you would like to contribute a profile for your country, please contact us.