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Regional Inequality in Germany: Assessment, Drivers and Consequences (REINING)


Coordinator HQ
Martina Hülz

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Siegloch (ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research), the ARL is working on part of the Leibniz joint project ‘Regional Inequality in Germany: Assessment, Drivers and Consequences (REINING)’. A particular focus is on the methodological aspects of measuring regional inequalities.

To complement the classic socioeconomic perspectives and indicators, the project aims to include more holistic and in some cases qualitative indicators and test their suitability for a multidimensional analysis of regional inequalities in Germany. These include socio-ecological aspects, new models for prosperity and the common good, symbolic representations or social cohesion and participation. The objective is to provide methodological and conceptual contributions to the overall project and draw up a policy brief.




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