Prof. Dr. habil.
Heike Köckler
Professor on Place and Health


since 2015: Professor on Place and Health Department of Community Health, Hochschule für Gesundheit Bochum
2016: Habilitation on Procedural Environmental Justice at Kassel University.
2012-2015: TU Dortmund University, Faculty of Spatial Planning Co-Ordinator of Junior Research Group on "The city as a healthy place to live for all" (Jufo-Salus)
2004-2012: Assistant Professor at the Center of Environmental Justice Research, Kassel University
2004: PhD on sustainability indicators and co-operative indicators development, TU Dortmund, Faculty of Spatial Planning
1997-2003: Research and teaching assistant at TU Dortmund, Faculty of Spatial Planning
1992-1997: student of spatial planning

Köckler, H.; Deguen, S.; Melin, A. Ranzi, A; Walker G. (2017). Environmental Justice in Western Europe. In: Holifield, R.; Chakraborty, J.; Walker, G. (Hrsg.). Routledge Handbook on Environmental Justice. Routledge. Abingdon.

Riedel, N.; Kamp van, I.; Dreger, S.; Bolte, G.; Andringa, T.; Payne, S.R. Schreckenberg, D.; Fenech B.; Lavia, L.; Notley, H.; Guski, R.; Simon, D., Köckler, H.; Bartels, S. Weber, M.; Paviotti, M. (2021): Considering ‘non-acoustic factors’ as social and environmental determinants of health equity and environmental justice. Reflections on research and fields of action towards a vision for environmental noise policies. In: Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives DOI: 10.1016/j.trip.2021.100445

elected memeber of ARL since 2014

since 2022 Chair of ARL international working on "Urban Planning for Health Equity"
since 2021 Member of ARL working group „Planerische Steuerung der Krankenhausversorgung
in Nordwestdeutschland"

2020 member of ad-hoc working group „Pandemie und Raumentwicklung“
2014-2016 member of ad-hoc working group „Daseinsvorsorge und gleichwertige Lebensbedingungen”
2013-2016 co-ordinator of working group „Planung für gesundheitsfördernde

Projects involved