The planning system in Albania has paradigmatically changed since the Second World War, and even more so in the last decade, with a shift from the urbanism approach to a comprehensive and integrated system.

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The objective of water management planning is to maximise the availability of regional water resources to meet the usage requirements of individuals and of society as a whole and to provide effective sewage treatment, flood protection, and groundwater management.

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Studying planning culture contributes to a deeper understanding of planning practice by identifying the ways planners and
planning institutions think and act on the basis of typical (societal) orientations and the associated value systems.

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In the future, ensuring the availability of groundwater in an adequate quality and quantity will become increasingly
challenging. Protecting groundwater involves taking appropriate measures to ensure that aquifers are recharged and that groundwater pollution is prevented. 

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Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 Video Challenge who displayed creativity, vitality and good communication skills to explain the significance of their built environment research: "Addressing Grand Challenges.

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