The Academy for Territorial Development in the Leibniz Association (ARL) is currently establishing an international working group (IAK) “Urban Planning for Health Equity” and looking for participants. The members of the working group will work for approximately three years together and address the topic from inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives.

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The Cable Car World trade fair and the integrated Cable Car Congress will be the first exclusive forum for urban cable cars. The event days are 21-22 June 2022. Cable Car World is planned as an attendance event. The venue is Messe Essen. The patron is the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

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by May East

“History begins at ground level, with footsteps” Michel de Certeau

Walking interviews are interviews conducted on the move.  They involve a ‘trialogue’ between a researcher, one or more participants and the place they traverse.  Walking and talking as a qualitative research method has deep roots in ethnography, anthropology, and geography, with researchers walking alongside participants to observe and experience their everyday practices. 

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Spatial Relations of Diverse and Alternative Economies 

Now available for free download in the ARL online shop! 

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Discussion with the German Association of Cities and Towns and the German Insitute for Federal Real Estate (BIMA) on the challenges of land policy with the International Working Group

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