Land market/land policy

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  1. Land market policy
  2. Basic principles of land market policy
  3. Objectives of land market policy
  4. Instruments of land market policy
  5. Spatial planning and responsive land policy
Additional literature

Land markets create and distribute opportunities for private land use. The allocation of uses and the distribution of advantages and disadvantages take place under framework conditions that are established by means of property relations, spatial planning and public investments. Responsive land policy guides the allocation and distribution by balancing plural interests.

Benjamin Davy


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1 Clarification of the term
2 Various roots of the term
3 Dimensions of the term in everyday language
4 Landscape in spatial planning
5 Approaches to landscape in landscape-related research
6 Landscape and the perception of landscape in flux
Additional literature

Landscape is constituted through physical and spatial aspects as well as through perception and identification processes. Accordingly, the term is used at various levels of meaning and abstraction, and a vast variety of approaches can be observed in the scientific and research fields.

Beate Jessel